Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation


Welcome to Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation

In today’s trying economic times, making it through each day is a challenge even if you’re not afflicted with a life-threatening illness. But when cancer strikes you or your family, life becomes particularly taxing, especially financially. And when faced with a health insurance plan that won’t cover pain medicine costs or anti-nausea medications, treatment can sometimes seem hopeless.

The Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation was designed to assist patients whose medical insurance falls short of providing vital necessities required in order for cancer patients to pursue their prescribed treatment.

With generous donations from the local community and compassionate individuals, The Marcelle Erian Foundation can continue to care for patients who lack the tools to get the best care available to them. Your contribution, whether monetary, or by volunteering your time or services, can make a world of difference to a patient undergoing treatment.

The Marcelle Erian Foundation is a California-registered 501(c) non-profit organization founded in March 2011 with the sole intent of raising monies for charitable organizations and/or patients in need of monetary assistance following a cancer diagnosis. Hany Khalil M.D. is the founder of the foundation.